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Fifty Secret Sex Positions for Mind Blowing Orgasms. If the latest wave of popular erotic romance has gotten your mo­tor running, this book will shift you into high gear! Author Marisa Bennett steps up again to give you the dirty details on doing the horizontal hula, with wit, humor and some hot new moves.

This guide will help you expand your sexual repertoire and hone your sexy time skills while exploring ecstasy in fifty (count them, fifty!) different ways. You will learn a ton of fun and sexy positions like the visually stimulating Pin Up Girl, the cozy Lock and Key, and the hot and creative Bobsled (also known as sledding on Bob), each one beautifully illustrated to help make sure you have got every­thing in the proper place. So what are you waiting for?

Whether you are single and ready to (co)mingle or married and want to put some new moves into your old routine, pick up this hot how-to and kick your sexcapades up to the next level with fifty new ways to get it on. 128 pages. Published August 21, 2012.

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